Looking to book a berth at Marina Jirnsum? We would love to welcome you! Below you will find the rates we charge for both permanent berths and passers-by.

Permanent berths

You can book a permanent berth for a season, from April 1st to October 1st . You will find the rates 2024 below. The dimensions are in metres and the prices are in euros. Prices include 150 kWh electricity consumption and WIFI but do not yet account for tourist tax and environmental tax.

Size Price per season
9.50 x 3.75 910,00
10.50 x 4.15 1085,00
11.50 x 4.45 1390,00
12.50 x 4.85 1540,00
14.00 x 5.00 1700,00
14.50 x 5.85 1990,00
15.00 x 5.50 2065,00
17.00 x 6.00 3075,00
Requesting a berth


Berths/Boxes: Available Passerby slots: Available


As a passer-by, you are also welcome if there are berths available. For passers-by, we charge a fixed rate of € 1.50 per metre per day. This price does not include water, electricity and tourist tax.

Winter storage

No need to look for a winter storage! During the winter period (from October 1st to April 1st) you can leave your boat in the water with us. We charge € 8.00 per m2 excluding electricity and water.

Trailer ramp

If you want to use our trailer ramp, we charge € 12.50 each time.

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